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Diabetic Markers Kits

Diabetes mellitus includes a family of carbohydrate metabolism disorders that is characterized by hyperglycemia and long-term complications such as macro and microvascular and neuropathic disorders. This disease is the most common type of carbohydrate metabolism disorder, and is the main cause of end-stage renal disease, non-traumatic amputation, and blindness in the 20 to 75 year old population.
The most important forms of diabetes mellitus are type 1 and 2. Type-1 diabetes is caused by a complete deficiency of insulin and destroyed beta cells. On the other hand, type-2 diabetes is detected by insulin resistance or hormone secretion deficiency.
Diabetes markers are used in disease detection, predicting the risk of diabetes, identification of diabetes type, and prevention of the complications of the disease.
Saman Tajhiz Noor is a leading supplier of high-quality diabetic markers kits all over the country.
•  HbA1c
•  Insulin
•  C-Peptide
•  IA2-GAD65 Screen
•  IA2
•  GAD 65
•  Anti Insulin
•  Total GLP-1
•  Active GLP-1
•  Intact FGF-21
•  Glycated Serum Protein
•  Retinol Binding Protein
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