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Controls Kits

According to the international standards, Diagnostics Laboratories must establish a series of quality control procedures, which monitors the quality and efficiency of the tests. Internal quality control procedures are known to be one the most effective methods, which provides in-time evaluation and assessment of the analyte measurements. They also review the methods followed in the diagnostics laboratory. One of the most important tools in this field is the serum controls at different levels.
The controls’ matrix and the patient serum must be identical, and also in a good stability. Analyte concentration and control volumes should be appropriate‏.
Saman Tajhiz Noor is a leading supplier of high-quality tumor controls kits all over the country.
•  Fertility Q Sure Control(1 level)
•  Multi ligand Q Sure Control(3 levels)
•  Anti-Thyroid Autoimmune Q Sure Control(2 levels)
•  Thyroid binding globulin Q Sure Control(3 levels)
•  TMC-300 Tumor Marker Control(3 levels)
•  Maternal Q Sure Control(3 levels)
•  Human Anti-mouse Antibody (HAMA) Control
•  Coagulation Control
•  Direct Enzymatic HbA1c Control
•  Glycated serum Protein Control
•  Insulin Control
•  Retinol Binding Protein Control
•  Homocysteine Control
•  Multi-analyte Lipid Control
•  Cardiac Troponin I Control
•  Myoglobin Control
•  Adenosine Deaminase Control
•  Total Bile Acids Control
•  Cystatin C Control
•  25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Control
•  Vitamin D Control
•  hs-CRP Control
•  Myeloperoxidase Control
•  Procalcitonin Control
•  Lipase Control
•  Sodium (Enzymatic assay) Control
•  Potassium (Enzymatic assay) Control
•  D-Dimer Control
•  ɑ-Fetoprotein Control
•  CEA Control
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